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Frequent Questions

Before You Make A Reservation

What is required to make a reservation? +

When you find the vacation home that you have been searching for, you can either book securely online, or give us a call on 1-866-849-2434 and we will be happy to help.

Does the total include all taxes & fees? +

Yes, Your total reservation amount includes all taxes and cleaning fees. 

Do you offer group rates? +

Yes. Please contact one of our reservations team to discuss large group bookings. We have many homes that are next door to one another, or in the same community. 

Sunshine Orlando Rentals is a popular choice for sports teams, family reunions and more!

Do you recommend travel insurance? +

Travel insurance is always recommended by Sunshine Orlando Rentals. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your reservation travel insurance will generally cover the cancellation fees. 

In addition, for those traveling to Orlando from overseas, travel insurance will usually cover some medical expenses in the case of an emergency.

What is the Damage Bond? +

To protect the owners of the properties from accidental damages Sunshine Orlando Rentals collects a Damage Bond, which is fully refundable after you check out from the home and it is in the condition you found it. 

Any charges against your bond will be accompanied with written and photographic evidence.

What is your cancellation policy? +

For complete details on our cancellation policy, please see our full Terms and Conditions.

After You Make Your Reservation

Can i make payments towards my reservation? +

You can. After your initial deposit, just give us a call whenever you want to make a payment. We will apply the amount to your reservation. 

What time is Check-In / Check-Out? +

Check in time is 4PM and Check Out time is 10AM.

How will i receive my confirmation and check-in instructions? +

All confirmation and arrival details will be sent via email. Please ensure that you have adjusted your spam settings so that you can receive mail from

If you do not receive your confirmation emails, please contact us on 1-866-849-2434

What do i have to do when i check out? +

We ask that you ensure that all windows and doors are locked, and the alarm (where applicable) is activated.

What do i do if i need something during my stay? +

If there is a problem with the home, or you need something during your stay, please call your local contact. Names and contact information for the local contact for the home that you are staying in will be provided in your check-in packet.

Where do I Collect the Keys? +
As part of your arrival instructions packet that will be emailed to you we will provide you with a lockbox code. The key is stored at the home inside a lockbox. For check-in, you drive straight to the home and use the code to retrieve the key, this way you don't have to drive out of your way to collect the key.

About The Homes

Are the homes non-smoking? +

All of our vacation homes are strictly non-smoking. If you would like to smoke, you are welcome to do so outside the home.

Are the pools heated? +

Most homes that have a pool or spa are available to be heated. The cost for pool / spa heat differs between properties, and so is listed on the detail page for each property. 

Are your homes pet friendly? +

Yes. We have a wide selection of pet friendly homes. Please head over to the Pet Friendly page to begin your search!

Is there air conditioning and heat? +

All of our homes are fully equipped with air conditioning and heat.

What is provided in the Kitchen? +

All homes have a fully equipped kitchen. Please refer to the listing page for each property to see the specific amenities for each home.

Is there a telephone? +

Yes. All homes have a telephone. Local calls are usually free and long distance can be made with a calling card. Please see specific amenities on the property detail page.

Are linens and towels provided? +

Yes, there are linens and towels provided. Beach and pool towels are not part of the standard inventory for the vacation homes.

Are the homes cleaned daily? +

No. All of our vacation homes are self-catering. They will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival, and again after your departure. 

Are there any supplies? +

All homes are self-catering. Cleaning supplies are not provided. There will be toilet paper and soaps in each bathroom as a convenience upon your arrival.

About Sunshine Orlando Rentals

Is this a timeshare offer? +

No. We are not affiliated in any way with timeshare. Each home listed on our site is individually owned. You will never be required to sit through a presentation.

How long has Sunshine Orlando Rentals been in business? +

Sunshine Orlando Rentals has been operating since 2005. 

Are you licensed? +

Yes. As a vacation rentals booking company we are fully licensed in the state of Florida, and each individual home is fully licensed to be a short term rental property. Copies of the licenses for each home are on display in the home.

What are your office hours? +

We are open from 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.